Elika - 'Trying Got Us Nowhere'

Trying Got Us Nowhere

Working with the superb artwork of Evagelia Maravelias from Elika, we provided the layout and suitable file formats to have this limited edition white vinyl created.

Skills used:
» Print ready Photoshop layout.

The Villainy EP

The Villainy

CD cover design and layout for The Villainy EP. We even supplied the photograph for the front cover.

Skills used:
» Front cover photography
» Design.
» Print ready Photoshop layout.

Software Skills

» Flash (web & vectors)
» Photoshop (design)
» Sketch-up (3D modelling)
» Dreamweaver (web)
» Pro Tools (audio)


Our prices are done on a project by project basis. A full design and layout supplied as print ready files, such as The Villainy EP, would start from £350. Other design work is charged on an hourly basis starting from £30 per hour. We offer discounts for repeat and local business.

Contact Us we're very approachable and always happy to advise.

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