Inertia & Elasticity


The two experimental media projects use mathematics, real world physics and vector drawing to create media which gives the apperance of inertia and elasticity.

Inertia Experiment | Elasticity Experiment
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Mouse Velocity

codeThis small applet detects the velocity of the users mouse pointer, it has many applications including interactive media and games.

Mouse Velocity Experiment
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Generative Drawings

codeThese drawings are generated by programming repeating patterns using Flash actionscript. The simple 'repeat and fade' algorithm creates stunning, precise imagery.

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Fibonacci Flowers

codeThese beautiful flowers are created by employing the golden ratio or Phi, found in nature via the Fibonacci sequence. The flowers created are stunning and organic.

Sunflower | Red Flower | Blue Flower
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Art from Mathematics

codeUsing various mathematical algorithms to repeat and vary a pattern creates these unusual images. This allows us to create various vector based images using simple maths.

Drawing 1 | Drawing 2 | Drawing 3
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codeThis small application attempts to emulate life in a petri-dish. Harry and Sally are small organisms when they meet they multiply but Sally is hungry!

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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep."

Scott Adams

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